Help Children Rejuvenate with Comfortable Rest Mats in Your Daycare Facility

Active toddlers and preschoolers are great but even they need some quality rest to prevent crankiness. Every good preschool and early childhood facility has an assortment of soft chairs for toddlers and rest mats to achieve this. Available in an array of attractive colors, they are perfect for enticing young children into taking time off from all their running around.

Rest Mat Options

Rest mats are available in various sizes and colors to meet the requirements of diverse daycare centers. Some have three or four folds that make it easier to store them away when not in use. Rest mats meant for schools are durable and usually come with a waterproof vinyl covering for easier cleaning. Look for models that are commercial quality designed especially for the educational market. This will ensure greater comfort and support while meeting all health and safety government requirements. It’s always better to buy rest mats that are backed by a manufacturer’s Warranty. In addition to rest mats, online stores offering commercial childcare furniture also have durable and light weight mat buses and mat caddies making mat storage a breeze.

rest mat

Indulge With Soft Seating

Soft chairs are a comfortable seating option for early learning facilities. They provide a safe and attractive place where preschool children can play, read and socialise. Soft seating is available in a wide variety of attractive shapes and designs –from individual chairs, couches and sofas to reading benches, reading nooks, reading islands and much more – a perfect way to encourage little ones to sit down and read books.

Easy Online Shopping

Soft chairs come in a wide variety of covering materials out of which vinyl stands out for its easy maintenance. The padding usually consists of soft foam – the denser the padding, the more expensive it is likely to be. Some feature a hardwood frame for sturdiness. You’ll find large collections and low prices when you shop for these products at online stores specialising in providing all types of furniture for day care centres, early learning facilities and schools.

Rested toddlers and preschoolers make happy children– invest in good quality rest mats for schools and make nap time more attractive!

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Make Outdoor Playtime Fun and Exciting with Top of the Line Preschool Playground Equipment

When the weather permits, children (especially toddlers and preschoolers) love to play outside and burn some energy. Preschool outdoor play equipment comes in a range of mind boggling designs and you won’t have any trouble finding what you want for your day care or early learning center.

Toddler Playground Essentials

Outdoor play equipment meant for toddlers and preschoolers makes playtime fun, exciting and educative. Staples such as swings sets and slides help children enjoy feelings of abandoned joy and exhilaration while allowing them to get a taste of speed and movement. They also help instill values of teamwork and sharing among youngsters. Role play equipment such as a playhouse is another common fixture you’ll find at playgrounds. This type of equipment helps children develop communication skills, social skills, creativity and imagination.


Careful Planning for Maximum Efficiency

While selecting preschool playground equipment, it is important to ensure that it complies with early childhood program requirements. With careful planning, you can have a playground that’s safe for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. If you have children of various age groups at your center, make sure to include equipment that caters to the developmental needs and abilities of all age groups. You may need to have two separate play areas – one for toddlers and preschoolers and the other for school age children to ensure safety and fun for everyone.

In your plan, don’t forget to provide some shade in the play area either by having trees, awnings or any other sheltering equipment. Equipment with moving parts such as swings should not be placed in the center of the play area or children can hurt themselves. Remember that toddlers tend to be insecure on their feet, so ensure that any raised equipment you choose has proper sides and railings for support. You can buy equipment offered by renowned manufacturers at affordable prices by shopping online. By going through detailed product descriptions, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Or if you prefer, you can always call the dealer for help.

Help little ones blossom! Shop for all your preschool outdoor play equipment at a reliable online store specializing in commercial outdoor playground equipment!

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Buy Outdoor Play Equipment from Kids’ Furniture Stores Online

Good quality furniture is very important in a daycare center or preschool. Fortunately, you can avail of a large range of tables and chairs and other items from Kids’ furniture stores online. Browse online and find well-known shops that sell daycare furniture and transform your center into a productive and engaging environment.

Discount Kids’ Furniture

Kids’ furniture stores online offer a wide range of equipment for daycares and preschools. Buying online is not only convenient but also beneficial as you can shop at your leisure. Childcare furniture is available in kid-friendly designs and vibrant colors. Whether you want bookshelves for your library, nap mats and cots for napping, portable sinks, feeding and activity tables, carpets, classroom tables and chairs or any other equipment, you can buy them from online stores for a fabulous discount. You can also find a whole lot of toys for different age groups; for example, a kitchen set is a useful toy for both boys and girls.

Safety Tips for Play Equipment

When daycares and preschools purchase kids’ outdoor play equipment, ensure that they are made of sturdy materials. Purchase from well-known and reliable web site stores.  In most cases, they should be installed only by professionals. Installation instructions are normally provided with the play systems. Check for bolts, S-shaped hooks and sharp edges that may stick out from the play structures. All hardware should be absolutely secure; metal parts should not have any rust. Furthermore, wood and plastic should not have cracks or have any weak points. All equipment should be spaced appropriately. Consider the landscape while installing them; these include trees, slopes, underground terrain etc. The play systems should be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid mishaps. Equipment such as merry-go-rounds and seesaws should be inspected for any pinch points which can hurt a child’s finger.

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If You Have a Highly Active Toddler, These Will Definitely Come in Handy

If you have a very active toddler it is important to divert his or her attention and focus them on items that will keep them engaged when indoors. For parents who are always on the look-out for interesting activities for these toddlers, below are furniture options that can keep children engaged when you need a few moments of your own. It will also ensure that they are safe and happy in what they are doing.

For Snack Time
Rockers or high chairs for toddlers are important during play time and meal times. The attached tray is of the right size for children to indulge in meaningful and sensory rich activities. The edges are raised so that nothing falls off. The accompanying straps will ensure they are safe on their chairs and will not fall down while they are busy playing or eating.

For Play Time
Playing for toddlers is an enriching practice. Whatever they are involved in, act as sensory inputs which means you need to provide them with materials that will offer meaningful experiences. Creative outlets using paints, art and craft items or even mini-musical instruments can be an exciting option for them. Using plastic mats, child-safe materials and organic paints will ensure that no harm will come to the child even as they enjoy and your clean-up time is minimized as well.

For Reading Time
Reading or looking at picture books is an interesting activity for children. You can fill up your toddler’s line of vision with books on nursery rhymes, story books and other picture books. Using toddler book storage will ensure all materials are within easy reach and they can begin to look at books and choose them of their own free will. A comfortable cushion near the shelf will lure them to sit down and indulge without bringing an adult into the picture.


Book Storage Center


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Three Things You Simply Cannot Do Without, If You Are Opening a Child Care Center

As a new child care center owner, you will realize the importance parents place on the environment in which their children will be spending time in; which is why it is important to pick and choose furniture such as toddler rockers and multi-purpose storage shelves that are not only practical but safe in an environment that has children, especially toddlers, running around all day.

Activity Tables

It is important to offer children a place to indulge in creative pursuits; to fire up their imaginations with various sensory inputsand to engage in activities day after day. The kind of activities a child care center provides is as important to parents as is the comfort and safety of their children. Choosing multi-purpose activity tables for toddlers with sufficient space for each child can create the right structure to share activities and still have their own separate space to indulge in what they feel is exciting.


Toddler Rockers / Chairs

Even if the ratio of caretaker to children is two to one, you will need comfortable surroundings for toddlers who are drowsy after an exhausting activity. A rocker can come in handy during situations when your hands are full with other children and you need a comfortable space for the child to relax. The rocking motions of the toddler rockers can easily lull a tired or over-excited child to calm down and enjoy the short snooze that is about to follow.

Rest Mats

Rest mats are a very important part of any child care center. Stackable mats that do not take up much space are an irreplaceable furnishing option. These are made with high quality materials and are appropriately comfortable and washable as well. They can be spread out on the floor for nap times that follow periods of activities, play and snacks.

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Ensuring Proper Rest for Preschoolers

For the new parent or parents the question of when to start their youngster(s) and which preschool to select can be a daunting task. With more questions and little answers there is no one-solution-fits-all model answer. Each parents’ issues are unique, so is the case with the child. Most parents’ start their research for a preschool 8-9 months before the child is enrolled. In urban areas both parents working is the norm and thus research will be more focused on location (distance from either of the parents’ work location; however this can depend upon each parent’s shift schedule etc.); next comes the quality of the preschool in terms of programs and facilities.

Today there are many preschool programs; Well-known among them are Montessori – the developmental approach by educationist Maria Montessori; Reggio Emilia – the Italian model of encouraging discovery and focus on teamwork as a group activity; Waldorf – creative hands-on learning based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner (Austrian author); High Scope system is learning by participation through practice and drill; Parent Co-ops – is a co-operative system where the parents are actively involved in the school experience of the children; Bank Street – learning through developmental activity based on John Dewy’s philosophy.

Whatever the system and apart from the other factors of budget, location and the amount of time that the parent can spare, it is important that the teacher to whom the child is entrusted be the right person. This is because after the parent, the teacher; will have the most influence on a child’s early years upbringing and development.

The second most important factor is the quality of facilities at the preschool; rest rooms and washing facilities, cleanliness of the environment, play equipment suitable for preschoolers and rest mats for school manufactured to code (CPSC compliant). Like other species children in the preschool age have to rest often and the childcare facility with proper nap mats for preschool children will win hands down. A well-rested child is a happy child.

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Three Must-Haves for your Daycare Center

If you are new to toddler daycare or are already running a successful program of your own, you will realize the importance of each and every item kept in the daycare center. These play an important part in calming children down, keeping them engaged, encouraging them to take part in activities and even helping them rest when they are tired. Furniture is as important to the center as the people present, dedicated to taking care of the young.

Toddler Activity Tables

These tables are the surfaces where the children will be placing their toys, books and conducting activities. They will color, draw, learn and get educated with the equipment available. They can do so on their own or in a group. Comfortable chairs and the tables of the right size are important features at this stage and are a must for every daycare center.

Soft Chairs for Toddlers

A simple soft chair offers great happiness to the toddler who is busy in play or reading. Interesting shapes and colors of these chairs makes it a favorite spot for children to settle down in. Many of them may even fall asleep as they are reading in the soft and comfortable chairs which will keep them warm and snug till the time they wake up. There is a huge variety available in the market and you can never go wrong with one of these.

Stackable Cots

Naptime is as important as playtime in a daycare. A sufficient number of cots will ensure that each child has a separate and comfortable place to sleep on during the afternoons. Stackable cots will save on space and can also be sanitized regularly to provide a clean and hygienic surface to rest on, and is as important as having toddler activity tables.

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Amazing Organizing Options with Shelving Storage and Boxes

In a place where space is at a premium it becomes important to use materials that are creatively designed wherever possible. Furniture and furnishings are a big part of this structure and in order to ensure that every inch is utilized to the fullest, the schools will need to put in some thought into the planning. Innovative furniture manufactures have come up with scores of new ideas to make the most of the space available in the form of space friendly cubicles, table and chair sets and stackable cots for classrooms among others.

Storage Shelves for Kids

Storage shelves are a great idea to neatly allocate materials for different activities. This ensures teachers do not have to move and restack items one after the other. By marking them according to their needs, a lot of time can be saved. Shelving storage for preschool classrooms can offer numerous ways to stack the smaller as well as larger objects. Inexpensive cubby trays and lids can be placed in compartments where there are smaller materials like puzzles, stickers; play dough’s or even toys.

Storage Shelves for Teachers

The same shelving storage for preschool classrooms can be used to stack teacher supplies like sharpies, zip lock baggies, art, craft and writing supplies in cubby trays with lids in good quality. One shelf accommodates several items which make them the ideal place to store stuff. Books and school materials can have a separate compartment in order to make the most of the space. Before you know it there will be enough space for the children to play, study, eat and sleep happily when they are at school.

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