If You Have a Highly Active Toddler, These Will Definitely Come in Handy

If you have a very active toddler it is important to divert his or her attention and focus them on items that will keep them engaged when indoors. For parents who are always on the look-out for interesting activities for these toddlers, below are furniture options that can keep children engaged when you need a few moments of your own. It will also ensure that they are safe and happy in what they are doing.

For Snack Time
Rockers or high chairs for toddlers are important during play time and meal times. The attached tray is of the right size for children to indulge in meaningful and sensory rich activities. The edges are raised so that nothing falls off. The accompanying straps will ensure they are safe on their chairs and will not fall down while they are busy playing or eating.

For Play Time
Playing for toddlers is an enriching practice. Whatever they are involved in, act as sensory inputs which means you need to provide them with materials that will offer meaningful experiences. Creative outlets using paints, art and craft items or even mini-musical instruments can be an exciting option for them. Using plastic mats, child-safe materials and organic paints will ensure that no harm will come to the child even as they enjoy and your clean-up time is minimized as well.

For Reading Time
Reading or looking at picture books is an interesting activity for children. You can fill up your toddler’s line of vision with books on nursery rhymes, story books and other picture books. Using toddler book storage will ensure all materials are within easy reach and they can begin to look at books and choose them of their own free will. A comfortable cushion near the shelf will lure them to sit down and indulge without bringing an adult into the picture.


Book Storage Center


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