Help Children Rejuvenate with Comfortable Rest Mats in Your Daycare Facility

Active toddlers and preschoolers are great but even they need some quality rest to prevent crankiness. Every good preschool and early childhood facility has an assortment of soft chairs for toddlers and rest mats to achieve this. Available in an array of attractive colors, they are perfect for enticing young children into taking time off from all their running around.

Rest Mat Options

Rest mats are available in various sizes and colors to meet the requirements of diverse daycare centers. Some have three or four folds that make it easier to store them away when not in use. Rest mats meant for schools are durable and usually come with a waterproof vinyl covering for easier cleaning. Look for models that are commercial quality designed especially for the educational market. This will ensure greater comfort and support while meeting all health and safety government requirements. It’s always better to buy rest mats that are backed by a manufacturer’s Warranty. In addition to rest mats, online stores offering commercial childcare furniture also have durable and light weight mat buses and mat caddies making mat storage a breeze.

rest mat

Indulge With Soft Seating

Soft chairs are a comfortable seating option for early learning facilities. They provide a safe and attractive place where preschool children can play, read and socialise. Soft seating is available in a wide variety of attractive shapes and designs –from individual chairs, couches and sofas to reading benches, reading nooks, reading islands and much more – a perfect way to encourage little ones to sit down and read books.

Easy Online Shopping

Soft chairs come in a wide variety of covering materials out of which vinyl stands out for its easy maintenance. The padding usually consists of soft foam – the denser the padding, the more expensive it is likely to be. Some feature a hardwood frame for sturdiness. You’ll find large collections and low prices when you shop for these products at online stores specialising in providing all types of furniture for day care centres, early learning facilities and schools.

Rested toddlers and preschoolers make happy children– invest in good quality rest mats for schools and make nap time more attractive!

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